June 21, 2017

Rev. Jude DeAngelo, chaplain, and Victoria Conaway, recent graduate, were quoted in a Catholic News Service story on praying the rosary. Conaway was also interviewed for a video to accompany the story.

... "The division into the mysteries of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus are part of the gift of the Dominicans to the universal church and in the recent past by St John Paul II who gave us the Luminous Mysteries to ponder," said Conventual Franciscan Father Jude DeAngelo, chaplain and director of campus ministry at The Catholic University of America in Washington. ...

Victoria Conaway, a recent graduate of The Catholic University of America, has been praying the rosary regularly since high school.

"On a mission trip, I started praying it every day," Conaway said. "It just became a habit to pray it every day." ...

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