June 15, 2017

The International Centre for Ward Music Studies at Catholic University was mentioned in a Catholic Virginian story about the Ward Centre of Richmond.


... The Ward Centre of Richmond is housed at the Greater Richmond School of Music, and is affiliated with the International Centre for Ward Method Studies at Catholic University of America.

The Centre derives its name from Justine Bayard Ward who developed the Ward Method in the early 20th century to teach American children the extensive music literature of the Roman Catholic Church, especially Gregorian chant, as well as works of great composers in Western history, folk and international selections, and newly composed pieces.

The method is a comprehensive choral music education program designed for both musical and spiritual formation. It provides instruction in proper vocal technique, intonation, rhythm, sight singing, music theory, music history, composition, improvisation, and conducting, and is structured for success through progressive learning. It focuses first on music education, and then on learning for performances. ...

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