July 13, 2017

Joseph Capizzi, director, Institute for Human Ecology, and professor, moral theology, was quoted in a PJ Media story about a July 12 discussion at the National Press Club titled “Responding to the Benedict Option.” Capizzi participated in the discussion. The event was also covered by The American Conservative and Christian Post

... Joseph Capizzi, professor of Moral Theology at the Catholic University of America (CUA), told the story of Konrad Adenauer, a Roman Catholic who served as mayor of Cologne before the Nazis took over Germany. Adenauer suffered under Adolf Hitler, but after World War II, he returned to politics, serving as the first Chancellor of West Germany. 

"If ever there was a time to quit politics and to disengage, to be pessimistic about the possibilities ... Adenauer faced it at the end of the Second World War," Capizzi declared. Instead, "he chose to serve as a Catholic in a majority Protestant nation." ...

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