September 19, 2017

Duilia de Mello, professor, physics, was quoted in an Independent Mail story on some claims that the world will end in coming weeks.

... It’s all rubbish, said Duilia de Mello, a Catholic University of America astronomer and research associate at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

“Be skeptical because that’s such a strong prediction,” she said. “The Bible is a book for many things but not for predictions of this nature.”

NASA has denied the existence of such a planet so near to Earth, but the space agency does point to recent research that have theorized that a planet lurks far out in our solar system, taking 10,000 years or longer to orbit the sun. The exisitance of a Planet X has not been proven and the theories, from the California Institute of Technology, are based on modeling and limited observation, according to NASA.

De Mello said there is even clearer evidence that a planet is not lurking nearby, undiscovered.

“We’d have been able to see it during the eclipse,” she said. “It would have been close enough and would not have been behind the sun, the sun wouldn’t have been too bright at that time. We all saw it. There is no extra planet near us." ...

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