November 22, 2017

John Kenneth White, professor, politics, published an opinion piece in the NY Daily News on what President Trump could learn from John F. Kennedy.

...It’s been 54 years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated on the streets of Dallas. In the half-century since, the iconic images of JFK are accompanied by a jumble of adjectives describing the man: youthful, energetic, graceful, classy, brainy, Irish and witty. As one writer noted back in 1988, “This is not an age of character, but of personality, and Kennedy gave us that,” adding, “This is also not an age of darkness but of glare . . . and Kennedy gave us that too.” Personality and glare may remind us of Donald Trump, but there is a vast difference between his age and ours. Behind the Kennedy persona was a hard-headed politician shaped by great forces that led him to eschew ideological approaches to the country’s problems. ...

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