December 08, 2017

Michael Pakaluk, professor, business ethics, published commentary in the Pilot on how the wise men teach us to worship.

...The phrase, "come to worship him," means "to kneel before him," "to make ourselves prostrate before him." They have travelled a year, perhaps even two years, with a large entourage over extremely rough terrain, perhaps from as far away as Bagdad or even Samarkand, and apparently their sole intent is to adopt the posture of suppliants before him. This is extraordinary.

It passes us by, but even more extraordinary is that they say it in the court of Herod, who was reigning then as king in Jerusalem. With apparent contempt for his kingship, established and underwritten by the occupying Roman authorities, and under the evident (and threatening) direction of a higher authority, they declare before Herod their intention to honor as King someone else. ...

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