December 05, 2017

Marshall Breger, professor, law, was quoted in a Jewish Press story on the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995.

... Marshall J. Breger, Professor of Law at the Catholic University of America who served as Special Assistant to President Reagan, wrote in National Review (“Jerusalem Gambit: How We Should Treat Jerusalem Is a Matter of U.S. Constitutional Law as Well as Middle Eastern Politics,” Oct 23, 1995): “But in the end, using the spending power to curtail the President’s Article II authority won’t work. Congress cannot use the power of the purse to seize a power textually committed to the Executive alone. While Congress can probably appropriate money for the construction of a building in West Jerusalem (and create a financial penalty if no construction takes place) it cannot use the ‘spending power’ to order the Executive either in 1996 or 1999 to make that building an embassy rather than a consulate or cultural center. Nor can it order the President to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.” ...

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