July 05, 2018

David Cloutier, professor, moral theology, wrote commentary for Catholic News Service on last summer’s convocation of Catholic leaders.

Just about a year ago, the U.S. bishops held an enormous convocation in Orlando. I was invited to be on a panel discussing the environment and “Laudato Si’,” but I was not quite prepared for what I encountered.

As I stepped off the public bus from the airport, I saw the enormous convention center in which the convocation was being held. This was no tiny theology gathering, I realized!

What was it? For me, what I discovered there was the enormous and enormously diverse energy that the laity are bringing to the church. Among the most striking things were the huge number of exhibitors. They not only filled a large space in the main center, but a whole other set ranged along the walls of the gigantic dining space elsewhere in the center. ...

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