September 25, 2018

Jack Yoest, assistant professor, business, wrote about a lecture at Catholic University by marketing guru Seth Godin and his advice on sharing one’s origin story for The Stream.

Business students packed a large hall to the Fire Marshal maximum. “I failed more than anyone in this room,” the speaker said.

Marketing guru Seth Godin can be described in many ways, but “failure” does not come to mind. Godin, author of 18 books, the man who developed ‘permission marketing,’ spoke at The Catholic University of America, in Washington, DC.

He began with the tale of the connection between Godin and the Dean of the Busch School of Business, Bill Bowman. Some thirty years ago Bowman founded a start-up software company, and was working late one night when the phone rang. He picked up. An astonished young, job-hunting Godin found himself talking directly to the company founder. Bowman hired him. ...

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