October 24, 2018

Joseph Capizzi, director, IHE, and professor, moral theology, was quoted in an A Little Bit of Nothing story on Patheos on the treatment of caravans of migrants fleeing their countries. His quote was taken from a Catholic News Agency story published earlier this year.

... Instead of dominance, the United States must work to rectify the situation. With its power and money, it must work as a humble servant for the good of the world, and not for itself alone. The United States, which has benefited from its relationships with the nations of the world, has a responsibility to those nations and the people within them. This means, as Joseph Capizzi from Catholic University of America said in regards to a previous caravan, the United States has a duty to treat the people in the caravan with mercy and justice, checking their status and needs and giving to those who are in need, as well as working to change the world situation which has made for the need for such caravans to exist.  Thus,  Bishop Joe Vásquez, Chairman of the US Bishops’ Conference Committee on Migration,  said that we must provide for these migrants, for they need our protection and care. ...

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