November 22, 2018

Joseph Capizzi, professor, moral theology, and director, IHE, was quoted in a Catholic News Agency story on screening embryos for intelligence.

... Joseph Capizzi, professor of moral theology at The Catholic University of America told CNA that the trend toward “designer babies” adding that a fear of “imperfect” offspring is leading to children being treated as goods, rather than people.

The test would be able to screen embryos for a potential “mental disability,” Genomic Prediction says.

While screening embryos for a certain sex, blood type or inheritable disease has existed for some time, screening for potential “mental disability” is new. Embryonic genetic testing is already often used as a pretense for the abortion of some embryos, or the destruction of some embryos created during the in vitro fertilization process.

“The problems with this are obvious,” said Capizzi. These kinds of tests “treat human beings as things to be produced, sold or bought.” ...

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