November 01, 2018

Very Rev. Mark Morozowich, dean, theology, was quoted in a story on the life and legacy of Rev. Robert Taft, Jesuit priest and Archimandrite of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, in Pastoral Liturgy. Taft was a professor at the Pontifical Oriental Institute and directed Fr. Morozowich’s dissertation.

... Taft’s students knew that they studied with the best in the field. No matter the amount of red ink that appeared on a paper returned from Taft, the direction provided was appreciated, noted Very Rev. Mark Morozowich. "I considered it a badge of accomplishment to learn from the foremost Byzantine liturgical scholar in the world," he said. Morozowich, the dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies at the Catholic University of America, noted that Taft’s work will be the "benchmark from which people will measure their work for years." ...

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