November 16, 2018

David Jobes, professor, psychology, was quoted in a Men’s Health story on suicide rates and prevention.

... Understanding why anyone kills himself is always complex, but even mental-health experts were puzzled when the CDC released its suicide data in June: Eighty-four percent of men who die by suicide have no known mental-health conditions. “People in general—and men in particular—try to hide having a mental-health problem,” says David A. Jobes, Ph.D., director of the Catholic University of America’s Suicide Prevention Lab. That’s part of the problem.

The suicide rate for men is about three and a half times that of women—probably because men are less likely to seek help or talk to one another when they’re in trouble, and because they’re more likely to own a gun than women and more likely to use one in a suicide attempt. (About 49 percent of suicide deaths in America are the result of using a firearm, and suicide risk is higher in homes where guns are not stored safely.) ...

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