April 17, 2019

Chad Pecknold, associate professor, systematic theology, published two commentaries in the Catholic Herald on rebuilding Notre Dame by returning to faith after the fire and the symbolism of the cathedral. 

James McCrery, assistant professor, architecture and planning, was interviewed on The Daily Caller about the structure of the Notre Dame Cathedral and the damage after the fire.

Julio Bermudez, professor, architecture, was quoted in Associated Press about the Notre Dame fire and the religious significance of the church.  

Fr. Mark Morozowich, dean and associate professor, liturgical studies and sacramental theology, was interviewed on Fox 5 D.C. about the Notre Dame fire and the significance of the stained glass windows for the artistic, cultural and spiritual world.

Nora Heimann, chair and associate professor, art department, was quoted in The New York Times and Pulse Nigeria about the Notre Dame fire and how the Cathedral became a destination.

She was also quoted in the USA Today on the devastation of the Notre Dame fire and her personal connection with the Cathedral.

Julio Bermudez, and Nora Heimann, were quoted in Voice of America about restoring Notre Dame.

Randall Ott, dean, architecture and planning, was interviewed by Fox 5 D.C., WJLA and Fox News about the Notre Dame Cathedral that was broadcasted on TV earlier in the week.

..."The kind of people who could rebuild Notre Dame de Paris are also the kind of people who could rebuild civilization out of the cruciform embers and ashes of our cultural ruin. If France can recover the Faith, they can rebuild the Cathedral."...

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...Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris was built out of stone and wood and glass without electricity or computers. It was not built by committee, or consultants or according to state regulations. It was built by a culture superior to our own. And we know it...

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...“It’s wonderful that what has survived, survived,” professional architect and professor James McCrery told The Daily Caller News Foundation. But “it’s vital that the building is stabilized.” McCrery has designed cathedrals in the United States and is the director of traditional and classical architectural studies at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C."...

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..."This cathedral has a number of elements that are not just famous but religiously significant,” said Julio Bermudez, professor at the school of architecture and planning at Catholic University in Washington, D.C. “One of course is the crown of thorns ... the faithful believe this is the crown that the Savior put on his head. It’s kept in a very safe place. But you know the fire is tremendously damaging.” He also expressed concern about the beautiful stained-glass windows, which he called “really irreplaceable.”...

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...“The stained glass windows were just so marvelous and I hope that some of them can be saved because it would really be a loss for the artistic world, for the cultural world, for the spiritual world,” said Father Mark Morozowich of Catholic University. “It is a sign and a sense of the presence of God in Paris throughout history.”...

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..."Most of these great cathedrals become destination points through the treasury, what they hold that you can come and worship or that you can come and see,” said Nora Heimann, a professor of art history at the Catholic University of America."...

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..."Nora Heimann, the chair of the Art Department at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., said she has led more than 20 tours to Notre Dame and Paris’ other significant churches. "I am heartbroken at the devastation of today's fire," she said in an email. "It is hard to imagine how much history has been lost in today's conflagration."...

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...What will it take to rebuild Notre Dame? What caused the devastating fire in the first place? Randall Ott, the Dean of Architecture at Catholic University of America,  has lectured on the famed cathedral as an architectural masterpiece. But he also explains how the 850 year old Gothic style cathedral, was so vulnerable, particularly during attempts to renovate and rehabilitate...

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  • April 17, 2019

    April 17, 2019

    April 17, 2019