April 04, 2019

President John Garvey was quoted in The New York Times, Catholic Philly, Crux, The Tablet, WTOPand The Catholic Spirit on the announcement of Wilton Gregory becoming the Archbishop of Washington, D.C.

...Archbishop Gregory was a positive choice for the region, especially because of his history of pushing the bishops to action on sexual abuse. “Archbishop Gregory is somebody who has helped to lead the way out of it before,” said Mr. Garvey. “He has experience that, aside from Cardinal O’Malley, not a lot of people have.”...

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Msgr. Kevin Irwin, research professor, theology, was quoted in the Washington Post.

...Monsignor Kevin Irwin, a longtime theology dean at Catholic University of America and a good friend of Gregory’s, said the new D.C. archbishop “sees his immediate job as being a listener, a reconciler.” Irwin added: “That will be his first priority for a very long time. This place is burning. . . . Priests want a bishop who is concerned about them and interested in them at this moment.”...

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Catholic University was mentioned in The Washington Post, and NPR. 

...The archdiocese of the nation's capital is considered one of the most important in the country, hosting the Catholic University of America and the Basilica of the National Shrine, the largest Catholic church in North America. By tradition, the pope names the D.C. archbishop as a cardinal...

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