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A CIA suicide sparks hard questions about the agency’s Memorial Wall

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May 21, 2019

Nicholas Dujmovic, assistant professor, intelligence studies, was quoted in The Washington Post and The Times (UK) about not agreeing with a star going on the CIA memorial wall for an agent who committed suicide.

...“There’s been an erosion of understanding in CIA leadership for at least two decades about what the wall is for and who is it that we’re commemorating,” said Dujmovic, who has researched multiple agency deaths to see whether they meet the criteria for inclusion on the wall. “Now we have a suicide star on the wall. That’s not what the wall is for. Suicide is a great tragedy, of course. But the purpose of the wall is not to show compassion to the family. It’s to show who in our community is worthy of this ­honor.”...

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...“Suicide is a great tragedy, but this is not what the wall is for,” Nicholas Dujmovic, an authority on CIA history and now a professor at the Catholic University of America, said...

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