July 12, 2019

Michael New, visiting assistant professor, political science and social research, published two commentaries on National Review. One about critiquing a new ABC News/Washington Post poll which puportedly shows historically high levels of support for legal abortion, and the other commentary on Michael Wear's Sunday editorial in The New York Times on the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates to ask for their stance on abortion.

...The survey found that 60 percent of adults say abortion should be legal in “all” or “most” cases, the highest level of support for legal abortion since 1995.  According to the results, much of the reported gain took place because a there was a significant increase in the percentage of respondents who said abortion should be legal “in all cases.” The poll also indicated an increase in the percentage of people who thought it should be “easier” for women to have access to abortion...

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... He points out that many voters — even a high percentage of Democratic voters — oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. Wear cites polling data showing that many racial minorities — a key Democratic constituency — support limiting abortion...

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New was interviewed by KFUO radio via Issues Etc. podcast to discuss his National Review editorial involving the Democratic Presidential candidates stances on abortion. He was also interviewed by Washington Watch radio show to discuss some recent polling data on sanctity of life issues.

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