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Welcome to the Creative Services area of the Division of Communications. On this site you'll find all the information you need to move your communications from ideas to printed reality, as well as samples of our favorite projects. Whether you need advertisements, brochures, posters, invitations, announcements, fliers, folders, banners or newsletters — we're the campus service to call. 

Service? Did You Say Free?

Yes, our services are free.

The broad array of creative services we provide, including graphic design, copy writing and editing, proofreading, and photography are completely free.

What do you pay for? Printing and mailing costs only.

Have You Seen Our Work?

We have worked with every school and department on campus, as well as Catholic University's administrative offices. Among the publications we design are CatholicU Magazine, Catholic University Annual Report, and Catholic Engineer.

Take Note: University policy requires the Division of University Communications to produce or review Catholic University brochures, ads, newsletters, and other printed matter intended for an external audience.

The Catholic University of America Style and Visual Identity Guide

Identity Standards coverClick the image at left to view the styleguide. It includes the style, visual, and grammatical rules — and guidelines for faculty, staff, and students at The Catholic University of America to follow in applying our image and identity to the materials through which we communicate to all our constituencies.

  • Publications Procedures

    The Creative Services team is here to ensure that Catholic University's name and logo are used consistently and that messages to our many external audiences are uniformly high quality to solidify our identity and to raise our profile in a positive way. That's why we review, design, or oversee the design of all printed materials before they're sent off campus.

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