October 26, 2016

John Garvey, President of The Catholic University of America, gave an exclusive interview to Christopher White at Crux , the first half of which runs today. "By pretty much any standard one cares to cite, President John Garvey of The Catholic University of America is among the more intriguing figures on the U.S. Catholic landscape these days," says White. In part one, Garvey tackles Pope Francis's reputation among American Catholics and what it means for controversial figures to come to Catholic campuses. In part two, which runs tomorrow, President Garvey addresses Catholics and the 2016 election, his openness to receiving gifts from anyone who will support the university's mission, and what he thinks college students are most in need of learning. White writes, "Garvey has set his sights on building a great Catholic university here in the United States, one modeled after Pope Francis's vision of a Church that works for the integral development of every person.'"  For more on this ambition, read the interview here .