September 14, 2016
Class of 2020

Catholic University faculty and administrators gathered in the Great Upper Church of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Sept. 14 to welcome the Class of 2020 at Freshman Convocation.

Aaron Dominguez, new dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, addressed the freshmen, saying “I will always remember your class since I am now part of it as we embark on this, our freshman year.”

Dominguez also shared his own experience of leaving his familiar life to join the Catholic University community. He noted that his faith and his family guided and grounded him through his transition to life at Catholic University. “I’m sure it was the right thing, because I wake up every day filled with hope and a sense of freedom I have never had in my career.”

President John Garvey and Provost Andrew Abela also spoke to the freshman class and urged them to think deeply while at Catholic University and not to take things that they experience at face value. President Garvey echoed the words of philosopher Josef Pieper, telling the students, “If we really want to observe things for ourselves, we have to be creators.”

In his remarks, Provost Abela urged students to ask “What is really going on?” in the world. He encouraged them to ask questions and to dive deeper in their studies and in their social lives to ensure that they get the most out of their time at Catholic University.

Watch and read President Garvey's remarks.
Watch and read Dean Aaron Dominguez's remarks.
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