August 30, 2018

By Vin Lacovara, the University’s chief ethics and compliance officer

The University is committed to the safety and security of the campus community and those who visit campus. As we begin the new academic year I wanted to communicate to you the core safety and security policies that help keep our campus a safe place to learn and work. All members of the University community should be aware of and use these policies.

First, the University has revised its Weapons on Campus Policy to be more comprehensive. The revised policy prohibits the possession, sale, transfer, transport or storage of any firearms, explosives, weapons, or fireworks on campus other than in very limited circumstances. This new policy applies to all members of the campus community and to visitors to campus.

Emergency Preparedness, Reporting, Response and Recovery Policy. This policy provides guidance for preparing a personal emergency plan, where to report emergencies on and off campus, and for responding to emergencies by either sheltering in place or evacuating. The policy also links to the Campus Bus and Escort Services Policy which sets forth the escort services available to members of the University community.

Crime Reporting and Response Policy. This policy encourages all members of the campus community to report immediately any actual or suspected crimes. Those that occur on campus should be reported directly to the Department of Public Safety at tel. 202-319-5111. Timely information regarding actual or suspected crimes enables the University to provide timely safety warnings to the campus community.

Missing Student Notification Policy. Any member of the University community who has reason to believe that a student may be missing must contact the Department of Public Safety immediately at tel. 202-319-5111.

Sexual Offenses Policy (Student). Sexual offenses, such as sexual harassment or assault, dating or domestic violence, and stalking are unlawful behaviors that will not be tolerated at the University. This policy sets forth mandatory reporting obligations, where offenses are to be reported, how the University responds to reports, and the support resources available for survivors.  

Sexual Offenses Policy (Employees). This policy mirrors the prohibitions, obligations and resources of the student policy and applies to staff and faculty. This policy also prohibits dating or sexual relationships between staff, faculty, and students where one person in the relationship has supervisory or professional oversight for the other person in the relationship.

By knowing and using these policies you will help promote both individual and campus safety. If you have questions about a policy, please contact the Responsible Official listed in that policy. You also can contact me at CUA-COMPLIANCE@CUA.EDU with general policy questions.