October 22, 2018
Students on set of Meet the Press

Politics students had the opportunity to watch newsmakers in action this semester when they attended tapings of “Meet the Press,” the weekly news television show that has been on air continuously since 1947.

The visit was arranged by politics professors John Kenneth White and Matthew Green, as part of their course Politics 421, Midterm Elections.

“Our course focuses so much on current events happening in the news today,” said White. “This was an opportunity for students to see firsthand how that news is shared in real time.”

Senior Kaitlyn Troilo, who attended a taping in October that featured former CIA Director John Brennan, said she was fascinated by the experience, having never been to a television studio before.

“Especially with all of the skepticism of the media today, it was interesting to see all that goes into producing a news show,” she said.

Sophomore Brendan Civitello, who also attended the October taping, said he “never expected” to be able to go to a “Meet the Press” taping for the class. The highlight for him was being able to meet show host Chuck Todd.

“He makes his living talking to experts about what I’m interested in,” Civitello said. “It’s so cool to be able to get the aggregate of what all the experts are saying through him.”

Topics discussed during the show tied in with the topics discussed in the Midterm Elections class, said Civitello. He said he has enjoyed taking the class because it helps him understand the election news in a deeper way.

He also said it’s been exciting to study the election in real time. Though he has previously voted in municipal elections, this year will be his first time voting for a nationwide race.

“Usually when you take a class, you kind of know how it’s going to end, but in this one, we don’t yet know what we’re going to be talking about at the end of the semester,” he said.

Students on set of Meet the Press