September 02, 2021

A comprehensive survey of the entire Catholic University community this summer showed all elements of the University — students, faculty, and staff — overwhelmingly to be vaccinated. The University began the academic year with a voluntary vaccination rate of 86%, with nearly 98% of the community reporting their status.

Faculty and staff reported a vaccination rate of 91% and 88%, respectively, and enrolled students reported vaccination rates of 85% (86% of residential students). Students were required to upload vaccination records to the Catholic University health portal, or to report that they chose not to get vaccinated. Faculty and staff indicated their vaccination status through an online survey.

“I am constantly confirmed in my opinion that we have the best community here at Catholic University. A voluntary vaccination rate of 86% tells me that this community cares about taking care of others, and doing what it takes to keep us all safe,” said President John Garvey.

The District of Columbia estimates the vaccination rate of its residents to be nearly 67% for those over the age of 18. Catholic University is located in Ward 5, which the District estimates to have a vaccination rate of 51% for those over 18. The United States has a vaccination rate of 53%.  

The number of cases in the District and nearby jurisdictions is the highest it has been in many months, a reminder that even those who are vaccinated need to remain vigilant about prevention, especially masking and hygiene.