September 28, 2021
President and Mrs Garvey with new puppy Lola

University President John Garvey and his wife Jeanne have welcomed a new furry family member — an 8-week-old golden retriever. With the input of current students, the new puppy has been named Lola. 

“Students have been very good at walking and taking care of our dog Gus in the past, so we wanted to give students some ownership to help name her,” said President Garvey. “Lola was the overwhelming favorite name and ours too.”

Over 65 unique names were submitted by students at Fresh Check Day and 543 students participated in a campus wide Nest election from Sept.16 to 24 to name the new puppy. 

“I wanted to get a proper size dog,” said Garvey. “Golden Retrievers grow to be about 75 pounds and are known to be sweet. We wanted a dog everyone felt comfortable with. Lola is from a family breeder in Lovettsville, Va. She is sweet and bright.” 

Garvey's previous dog Gus, the first dog of Catholic University, passed away in July. “People loved Gus because he could be with anyone,” said Garvey.

“Gus was old and stiff like me,” said Jeanne Garvey. “I hope I can do right by this one but I will need all the students' help as Lola will need a lot of exercise and socialization.” 

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