November 15, 2021
Students visit with assisted living resident
“Service is a hallmark of life on this campus,” said University President John Garvey in announcing that Catholic University will host the 2022 Opus Prize.

 $1 Million Prize is Among the World’s Largest Faith-Based Humanitarian Awards

The Opus Foundation has chosen Catholic University to host the 2022 Opus Prize, an annual faith-based humanitarian award. The $1 million award and two $100,000 prizes make up one of the world's largest faith-based awards for social entrepreneurship. The prizes recognize leaders and organizations that develop creative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

The Opus Foundation partners with Catholic universities to oversee the process of identifying nominees, selecting finalists, determining the awardee, honoring the finalists, and for inspiring the next generation of servant leaders.

Catholic University hosted the Opus Prize in 2007. “I am delighted and honored that we have been asked to host it a second time,” said University President John Garvey in his announcement to the University community on Nov. 15. “We will be the only university to have hosted the prize two times.”

Starting in the spring 2022 semester, the University will begin sponsoring service and educational events that promise to engage the entire campus community. The events will revolve around the theme “Inspiring Change Makers.” Small teams from the University will participate in due diligence trips that might be anywhere in the world to help with the final selection of prize winners. The Opus Prize will be awarded during a ceremony on campus on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022, which will be one in a series of events throughout the week of Oct. 30 - Nov. 4.

“Service is a hallmark of life on this campus,” noted Garvey in his announcement. “I hope this prize inspires all of you to see how your commitment to serving others can affect the world.”