April 30, 2023

teach-in-05.jpgThere was a central question at the heart of the 2023 CatholicU Teach-In on April 25: What does it mean to be a minority student or faculty member of color at The Catholic University of America?

Belonging: How to Support Students and Faculty of Color at CatholicU, sponsored the National Catholic School of Social Service, aimed to answer it with logistical support from the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Sr. Thea Bowman Coordination and Implementation Committee.

The Teach-In examined ways to identify implicit race bias and microaggressions that students and faculty color of often experience on campuses where they are in the minority, and how to help faculty members in becoming effective allies to students and colleagues of color in such situations. YouTube videos and hypothetical presentations were used to help attendees identify such conduct and best practices on how to address these situations effectively and with compassion.

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