November 28, 2023
President Peter Kilpatrick (center) has been honored for his leadership in Catholic higher education. (Catholic University/Patrick G. Ryan)

The Catholic Faith Network recently honored University President Peter Kilpatrick for his pioneering leadership in shaping the future of The Catholic University of America as a Christ-centered research institution that provides students with an excellent foundation for life. 

“Dr. Peter Kilpatrick, the President of the Catholic University of America, is helping to model for all Catholic Universities what Eucharistic Revival looks like on a University campus,” said Bishop John Barres of Rockville Centre. 

Bishop Barres is a bishop fellow on the University’s Board of Trustees.

The president, who just celebrated a year since his installation, was given the “Catholic Higher Education Award” by the New York-based television network on November 21. The Catholic Faith Network operates with the mission of spreading God’s Word through its religious and educational Catholic programming.

“As a prestigious research chemical engineer,” Bishop Barres said,  “President Kilpatrick knows how to face University challenges with courage, hope, and grace.  As a convert to the Catholic faith, President Kilpatrick is dedicated to the liberating objective truth claims and global mission of the Catholic Church and how that is expressed at a Catholic University faithfully and creatively.”

Since coming to the University, President Kilpatrick has prioritized increasing the engagement of faith on campus. He appointed Father Aquinas Guilbeau, O.P. as the first Vice President of Ministry and Mission, to help articulate and promote the University’s Catholic mission, spirituality, ministry, ideals, principles, and charisms to all University community members. 

As an accomplished scholar himself, President Kilpatrick is dedicated to increasing the reputation and rigor of the University. 

He has also been a steadfast supporter of innovation and research on campus, delivering the keynote address at University Research Day this past April where he laid out a plan for earning R1 research status and increasing its reputation as a significant research institution.