March 27, 2024

PEERS hosted a formal dinner event exploring the topics of courageous womanhood and healthy relationships. The event included a panel discussion, pen dialogue, and dinner. (Catholic University/Patrick G. Ryan)

As a continuation of Women’s History Month, student staff members in the Office of Campus Activities delivered letters and flowers to University faculty and staff who were honored by their peers and colleagues for their outstanding contributions to campus life.

With a wagon full of flowers and symbols of kindness, student staff members greeted each honoree with smiles and positivity, ensuring those around them recognized their hard work.

Liam Jamolod, a student staff member in Campus Activities who helped deliver flowers and messages, said, “Being able to design and deliver the kind words that people have written about the women on this campus has been absolutely amazing. There have been so many women in my life who have positively impacted me, especially in the academic sphere. I believe that doing things like this is a great way to showcase how important these women are to the Catholic University community.”

Michele Gibbs, administrative assistant at the Center for Academic and Career Success, was honored for “being the glue for the Office of Academic and Career Success.” After all, she is the first friendly face people see when they enter the office. 

Dawn Nottingham, a senior advisor, says, “Michele helps encourage connections between staff members by remembering birthdays, planning events, and managing office logistics. Michele’s institutional knowledge is prodigious, and we often go to her when we have questions or want to know why something is the way it is.”

The smile on her face as she was given her favorite flowers was symbolic of the appreciation she felt to be recognized.

Gibbs says that “it warms [her] heart when what she does each day is appreciated.”

Speaking on what it means to be motivated by those around her to do her best work, Gibbs says that she, “work[s] in an office with some amazing individuals. Their dedication to their work with students inspires me to work as hard as they do. In addition, our students are so appreciative of the assistance we provide, you can't help but want to make sure we do our best by them.”


Gibbs, left, is just one of many staff and faculty members recognized for their hard work and dedication to the University. 

Later this month, letters to students honored by their peers, professors, and coaches will be distributed by the Office of Campus Activities as a continuation of Women’s History Month. 

At the end of the month, the Office of Campus Activities hosted a brunch for all of those who were recognized and those who nominated them on March 26, in the third-floor Pryzbyla Atrium. 

PEERS also hosted a March 25 formal dinner event at Heritage Hall exploring the topics of courageous womanhood and healthy relationships. The event included a panel discussion, pen dialogue, and dinner.