April 03, 2024
Students were excited to get their first "Lead with Light" t-shirts at a brand celebration on April 3. (Catholic University/Patrick G. Ryan)

Hundreds of Catholic University of America community members excitedly grabbed t-shirts, hats, and other items adorned with the institution’s new brand – “Lead with Light” on April 3. 

University President Peter Kilpatrick welcomed faculty, staff, students, alumni, and supporters to the Great Room inside the Pryzbyla Center to celebrate the brand’s launch. The president reflected on his arrival on campus nearly two years ago, saying the joy shared by students immediately struck him. The brand articulated that profoundly, he said.

“What could be better than to lead with light, radiate joy, or radiate goodness, truth, and beauty? It's a message that I think everyone in our country is really looking for right now – optimism, hope, and joy,” the president said.

“Lead with Light” was everywhere throughout the day, including on a giant Lite-Brite board, on top of desserts, and even on phone chargers. 

Vice President of University Communications and Chief Marketing Officer Karna Lozoya said the University engaged in two years of conversations with community members and conducted surveys and focus groups. “Lead with Light” felt right, she said.

“We tried to capture the essence of our institution, a place that's committed to discovery and innovation, animated by the light of faith, in a warm and welcoming community,” she said. “‘Lead with Light’ reflects who we are and the values we hold dear. And it embodies our commitment to academic excellence, research and discovery, our community, and Christ’s central role in everything that we do.”

That message came through loud and clear during a two-minute anthem video that showcased the vibrant academic, faith and social life on campus and beyond.

Crucial to the brand are four pillars: Love God, Love Neighbor, Probe Further Into the Unknown, Connect and Engage, and Be Who You Were Made To Be.

Student Government Association President Maevis Fahey said the University’s commitment to service and faith was reflected in the brand.

“The new brand launch on our campus seeks to promote a culture of care and service towards others, all in the name of the inherent dignity of our peers and the common good,” she said.

Senior Luis Garcia Abundis added: “This is the place to shine your light, whether through politics, the arts, academics, internships, service in the community, or whichever way you decide to radiate. The Catholic University of America means so much to me, and I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've had to interact with those who lead with light on and off campus.”

View a slideshow of the event by Patrick G. Ryan below.