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  • Columbus School of Law
  • Expertise

  • Transition to Practice in Legal Education
  • Access to Justice
  • Applied Legal Storytelling
  • Elder Law
  • Poverty Law
  • Expertise in elder law and access to justice

    From 1994 to 2004, Mullen was a senior policy adviser at AARP, where she researched and wrote about federal poverty programs, including the effect of welfare reform on grandparent-headed households and how Medicaid policy affects nursing home residents.

    She has a strong interest in access to justice. Starting in 2006, students working under her supervision have had the opportunity to staff the Small Claims Resource Center, one of the first court-annexed resource centers at the District of Columbia Superior Court. In 2009, she was named one of four national Bellow Scholars for her work on improving access to justice at the District of Columbia Office of Administrative Hearings.

    In the Media


    • The Plural of Anecdote Is Not Data: Teaching Law Students Basic Survey Methodology to Improve Access

      An article Mullen co-authored with Enrique Pumar, chair of the CUA Department of Sociology, published in the University of the District of Columbia Law Review.

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    • Telling Tales in School: The Use of Storytelling to Improve Performance in Clinical Legal Settings

      with Jo A. Tyler, Ph.D., published by Clinical Law Review.

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