Andreas Widmer , director of entrepreneurship programs, was interviewed on Anderson Cooper 360 on papal security. See below.

Pope Francis Arrived in the United States

From: Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees Date: Sept. 23, 2015


Andreas, thanks very much for being with us. How difficult a job is it giving close protection to the pontiff when, especially, it's somebody who is known for wanting to be there with the people?

ANDREAS WIDMER, FORMER SWISS GUARD FOR POPE JOHN PAUL II: Yes, and it is not -- the Swiss guards are used to this. So I can't really compare it. I've never protected a president. But in the Swiss guards, this is something that is an everyday thing. You see the security for a Holy Father is not the same as for a president.

COOPER: Because there is a balance between security and also continuing the ministry.

WIDMER: Exactly. We have always been taught that what you want to do is to allow his ministry and optimize security around that. So the fact that there, you know, he drives along and he stops and he kisses children and he blesses people, that's something that just comes with being Pope. If you take that away, you don't let him be the Pope anymore and we don't do that.


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