Andreas Widmer , clinical assistant professor, business and economics, was quoted in a New York Times story on donations. See below.

When Making Donations, Know an Agency's Needs

From: New York Times Date: Nov. 3, 2015 Author: Alina Tugend

... But for long-term economic aid and short-term disaster relief, donations of clothes and even food are not always the best approach. Charitable acts could undermine local merchants, tailors, cobblers and farmers. Andreas Widmer, director of entrepreneurship programs at the Catholic University of America in Washington, said when he looked at a business plan of a Kenyan entrepreneur who made shirts, he was puzzled that once each quarter the revenue sank.

"She told me, 'That's when the donation ship arrives,' " he said. Such unintended consequences from well-meaning people are why he says, "It's easy to have a heart for the poor, but you also have to have a mind for the poor." ...

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