Andreas Widmer , clinical assistant professor, business, and director of entrepreneurship programs, wrote an article published by Crux discussing Pope Francis and his work for the poor. See below.

From: Crux Date: December 2, 2016 Author: Andreas Widmer

In his address to the U.S. Congress in September last year, Pope Francis described "business as a noble vocation." Yet many still wonder, how can a market economy be reconciled with Christian ethics?

Starting today global leaders will attempt to address this question and others at the 2016 Fortune-TIME Global Forum at the Vatican. In the lead-up to the conference, TIME reported that "Pope Francis has regularly spoken out about global economic issues, raising concerns about the growing wealth gap and criticizing the 'dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human purpose.'"

That makes free-market defenders nervous. Some have labeled him a socialist, even a Marxist. But these characterizations miss the mark.

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