Jackie Corbin-Armstrong

Meet Jackie Corbin-Armstrong

With nominations for the Alumni Association Board of Governors (BOG) now open, we’d like to introduce you to one of our members. Meet Jackie Corbin-Armstrong, B.A. 1985, M.S.M. 2015. Corbin-Armstrong earned her undergraduate degree in politics. In 1989 she was awarded a master’s degree in social work from Temple University. She returned to Catholic University to earn a master of science in management (social entrepreneurship) in 2015. She is currently a fatality review specialist at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in the District of Columbia. Here, we share a short Q&A with Corbin-Armstrong.

What was it like living on campus in the early ’80s?
I was a resident assistant in Zimmerman Hall. I remember lots of school spirit and parties. The “Rat” was where everyone went on Wednesday nights. I have a spectacular memory from my senior year. We got tickets to see Prince on his Purple Rain tour at the Cap Center in Largo, after waiting all night outside of Woodward and Lothrop to purchase tickets. Best moment ever.

Hobbies, then and now?
Then: Dancing, and great debates
Now: Still dancing, and travel

Favorite book and movie, then and now?
Then: Of course, St. Elmo’s Fire, because of the location (in Georgetown!)
Now: Romancing the Stone

Then: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Now: The Four Agreements

Favorite D.C. restaurant?
Then: The Monocle
Now: Ruth’s Chris Steak House

D.C. attraction you have visited most?
The National Gallery of Art. I still reside in Northwest D.C.

Favorite and least-favorite chore?
Least favorite: Cleaning
Favorite: Yard work/gardening

Favorite classes as a student?
Philosophy and Biomedical Ethics

Most important life lesson learned at Catholic University? 
Critical thinking. Ask the questions that need to be asked.

What did you and your classmates care about most?
Always, politics: who was running for office from your home state, and what was their agenda? How they worked the negotiations on the Hill.  

What would you most like to help the University accomplish via your BOG membership?
To bring a sense of inclusion and a desire for others to see themselves as part of the larger Catholic University community, which is open and inviting to all alumni. — A.K.

Alumni Association Board of Governors Nominations Now Open

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