October 18, 2016

Affordable Colleges Online has ranked The Catholic University of America Online Master of Science in Nursing program fifth in the nation.

“It just affirms what we’ve always known about our programs and it’s nice to get some public recognition,” said Patricia McMullen, dean of the School of Nursing.

Catholic University’s ranking is based on a mixture of cost, job placement after graduation, online reviews, and other key factors. The University’s program received a 91.00 score for its program.

“I think what we have really been committed to is that our online program mirrors our face-to-face program, in every way possible,” said Elizabeth Hawkins-Walsh, assistant dean for master’s programs in nursing. “We didn’t jump into this quickly. We held off until we were confident we would be able to put the same kind of quality instruction, faculty, teaching, supervision, and oversight of students that we have in our face-to-face instruction.”

Catholic University’s  program is also dedicated to  enabling working  nurses to advance in their careers  through online education, noted Hawkins-Walsh. This commitment to flexibility as well as the University’s  reputation of excellence is why many choose this program, she noted.

“We have not gone into mass education,” said Hawkins-Walsh. “We have very personal relationships with our students. We know them, they know us. When they leave here and take key positions around the world, they leave their mark so we are a well-known school.”

According to McMullen, the school’s commitment to quality has allowed it to produce, “more Army Nurse Corps chiefs than any other university in the country.”

“We give people the skills to succeed and the values to guide,” said McMullen, “Not only are we interested in the learning didactic aspects of the profession but the caring aspects of the profession and I don’t think you get that everywhere.”