February 10, 2017

NAACP speaker

“We are in a moment in our nation’s history where we are asking ourselves, ‘Are we the same country our grandparents left for us?’ We are at moment in our nation’s history where we are being asked, ‘Are we willing to step up? Are we willing to be the country we were meant to be?’”

These were some of the powerful questions posed to students at The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law (CUA Law) by NAACP President Cornell William Brooks.

“The times are crying out to attorneys, to law students, to faculty, to step forward and address the social justice challenges of the moment,” he said.

Brooks spoke before a crowded Slowinski Courtroom on February 8 for the Brendan F. Brown Lecture Series in an impassioned lecture entitled, “The Ballot and the Testament”, where he discussed the right to vote and the NAACP’s history of social justice.

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