September 13, 2017

Because the White House is the center of executive power in the United States and has a rich and interesting history, many people dream of working there someday — others have to be content with merely visiting it. But, for two Catholic University students, the dream became reality last summer as they went to work there every day while serving as White House interns.

Max Ebert, a junior politics major from Coopersburg, Pa., described his internship as “a front-row seat to history.” Ebert is also enrolled in the University’s Intelligence Studies Program.

Michael Marn, a senior from Rochester, Mich., who is majoring in politics and economics, said the program was “a wonderful experience  . . . I was surrounded by the highest caliber of individuals all pursuing the same goal: a brighter future for all Americans.”

Assigned to the White House Office of Presidential Correspondence, Marn found himself researching and drafting outgoing messages, as well as compiling notes on speeches and events. Ebert was assigned to the Office of the Senior Advisor for Policy, where he also conducted research and drafted messages as well as analyzed polling data and produced memoranda and briefings.

Despite their junior status, Marn and Ebert enjoyed some  perks. Among the White House events Ebert was able to attend were discussions in the Cabinet Room and a meeting with President Donald Trump in the East Room. Marn attended the Congressional Picnic and  the Fourth of July celebration on the South Lawn, where he was able to meet the president and First Lady Melania Trump, as well as Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence. He wrote a blog post for the White House website about this experience.

Both students said they credit Catholic University for their success in their internships. Marn noted that Catholic University “truly instilled in me genuine leadership abilities and a thorough understanding of the value of public service. University professors provide their students with the qualities necessary to contribute successfully in any professional field through their combination of real-world experience and their eagerness to help their students succeed.”

Reflecting on his success, Ebert noted his studies in the Department of Politics, which provided him “many invaluable educational experiences, from experienced professors and rigorous coursework to guest speakers. [These] helped me develop useful professional skills and broadened my knowledge and understanding of the nation’s government and political system.”

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