September 10, 2018
Maloney Hall construction

As a new academic year begins, anticipation is building for the reopening of Maloney Hall, which will become the new home for Catholic University’s Busch School of Business.

The building, which is scheduled to re-open in 2019, will house new classrooms, including a 273-seat auditorium; office and study spaces; and a chapel complete with 16 stained-glass windows.

Phil Brach, assistant dean of the School of Business, said the chapel will serve as “the heart of the new building.”

“Having our Lord’s presence in the building is the biggest value,” he said. “The way that the entire building is formed is really function speaking to form, trying to communicate the idea of unity in life. Church shouldn’t be something you just do on Sundays, but something that is incorporated into your career and your life.”

The design of the building follows best practices from business schools across the country, Brach said. Key features for business students will be tiered case study classrooms — which are inspired by those at Harvard Business School and specifically designed to promote class discussions — and glass-walled study pods that will allow for increased teamwork and communication.

Originally constructed in 1917 as the Martin Maloney Chemical Laboratory, Maloney Hall is located 50 yards from the Brookland Metro entrance and directly across the street from the Monroe Street Market development. Renovations for the building began in late 2017 and are expected to wrap up before the end of 2018.

See below for progress photos from the renovation process.

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