November 29, 2018
Maloney Hall

There are very few spaces on campus currently that are untouched by the many renovation and construction projects underway.

The following updates have been provided by Debra Nauta-Rodriguez, University architect:

  • Maloney Hall Renovation: Full renovation of existing 61,000 square foot historic building to create new home for the Busch School of Business. Anticipated completion is December 2018 for January 2019 occupancy. Faculty and staff moves are currently being coordinated to happen in December. The spaces vacated in McMahon Hall by the Business School may accommodate several Arts and Sciences departments that are currently dispersed throughout campus. A Space Utilization study with this in mind is underway.  

  • Energy Project Phase I: Renovation of Power Plant and installation of below-grade 4-pipe distribution system to provide hot and chilled water service to all buildings on the south end of campus, from the Power Plant to Caldwell Hall. Mid-October is the target date to have the system online in time for heating season (cooling distribution will take longer in buildings that do not already have centralized cooling). Phase 1 is expected to be complete in the Summer of 2019.

  • Energy Project Phase II: Trenching and installation of hot and chilled water piping to the north end of campus, from Caldwell Hall northward to residence halls, returning to the Power Plant. Planned completion of the planning phase is set for early Spring 2019 so work can begin Summer 2019 and conclude Fall 2020.

  • University Walkway: Design and engineering of new pedestrian walkway leading from the Metro Station to Crough Hall. A new walkway will replace the vehicular drive, increasing pedestrian character of the campus and sense of welcome. As the energy project finishes in that area, final design details for stone entry gateway are being completed. Installation is expected to last approximately 5 months, finishing early in the Spring 2019 semester.

  • Gowan Integrated Learning Center: Conversion of a nursing library space on the second floor of Gowan into computer testing/learning lab for approximately 50 students. Construction work was completed just before the Thanksgiving holiday.  

  • Pangborn Hall Student Lab Project: Conversion of an engineering library space into open lab space for student projects requiring design, fabrication, assembly, and experimentation. The project also includes improvements to the existing Engineering Lab and Reactor Pit Area. Design is complete. Construction will take approximately six months.

  • Carlini Field: Design and construction of new regulation/competition playing field and support facilities, including parking, restrooms, concessions, and bleachers with press box. Zoning, permitting, and utilities challenges as well as recent record rainfall have delayed the project. The playing field and press box were completed in October.  The balance of the project is expected to be complete by the end of 2018.

  • Dining Center: Design development in final stages for new dining facility to replace the student restaurant in the Pryzbyla Center. The University is now reviewing proposals for a construction manager while the design progresses. It is projected that the building construction will be complete in late 2020/early 2021; however, a more precise schedule will not be available until contracts and permits are in place. Conversations are underway on possible uses for the Student Restaurant in the Pryzbyla Center once the new dining hall is complete.  

  • Caldwell Hall: Over the last year, visitors to Caldwell Hall have noticed extensive renovations and updates to safety systems in the building. The following projects have been completed: installation of sprinkler system in Caldwell Chapel and attic, foundation waterproofing, restoration of wood floors and wall wainscot in main historic corridor on level one, and renovation of the Happel Room, including AV/IT upgrades. Renovation of the chapel windows is still in progress. A feasibility study is underway looking at alternative locations for a new elevator. Facilities is also in the process of finalizing a contract for new exterior windows and doors. First floor windows will be removed first, restored off site, and reinstalled.

  • Fire Safety: The University established a life safety and fire protection goal to protect all campus facilities with a fire alarm notification system and a water based fire-sprinkler suppression system. Residential facilities are complete. The remaining academic and administrative facilities are prioritized by an evaluation of building construction, occupancy, and usage. The design phase has begun for fire alarm and sprinkler systems in Ward, Hartke, Pangborn, McMahon, and O’Boyle halls. Mullen Library has a completed enhanced fire detection system.