April 02, 2019

In a climate in which university library budgets are shrinking and scholarly publishing becomes increasingly difficult economically, The Catholic University of America Press is thriving.

Book sales this decade have increased by more than 30% and are at record-breaking levels for the Press. Journals published by CUA Press are also seeing electronic subscription revenue at an all-time high. CUA Press Director Trevor Lipscombe attributes the success to a focus on the core mission of disseminating high-quality scholarship — whether in book or journal form — and offering a range of books for use in the classroom to educate students, seminarians, and the next generation of scholars.

"In a sense, we form part of the New Evangelization promised by Saint John Paul II,” said Lipscombe. "Our books and journals encourage and illuminate those who yearn to take part in the intellectual life of the Church. As such, the staff of the Press works to publish the highest-quality scholarship, which is meticulously and skillfully edited, beautifully designed and printed, thereby continuing the centuries-long tradition of the church's commitment to 'faith seeking understanding.'"

The Press’s three best sellers so far this fiscal year are Steve Jensen's book Living the Good Life and two volumes from the Fathers of the Church series — St. Maximos the Confessor's On Difficulties in Sacred Scripture (translated by Rev. Maximos Constas) and Saint Cyril of Alexandria's Glaphyra on the Pentateuch (translated by Nicholas Lunn and Gregory Hillis).

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