December 18, 2019

Jamie Rife, University videographer, can be reached at Additional footage by William Tishuk.

The CatholicU Ice Hockey team reconnected recently with the Washington Ice Dogs, a team composed of players with developmental disabilities. The CatholicU team sponsored a charity game to benefit the Ice Dogs and offer them the chance to play alongside the Cardinals. The teams have worked together in this capacity for the last four years.

“I want them to leave better men than they came in,” says Coach Will Johnston. “I thought it was a good opportunity to pay it forward and give back a little bit. We tell the guys we want them to do good and play well.” This charity work gives them the opportunity to do both.

“You know it makes a world of difference for them,” says senior player Connor Cassidy. “It’s probably one of the best things I’ve been a part of at Catholic.”

Ice hockey is one of nine club sports available to students at Catholic University. Club sports provide students the opportunity to dedicate their time to practices and games because they love athletics and the friendships they develop through a sport. Students take ownership of their teams through leadership roles that can involve organizing practices, making travel arrangements, hiring coaches, recruiting players, and setting up schedules.