February 07, 2020

The new chemistry lab

Undergraduate students in the Department of Chemistry have the opportunity to learn in a new laboratory which was installed on the lower level of McCort-Ward Hall this year. The modern laboratory space is the result of a renovation project that combined two former classrooms and provides undergraduate students with advanced technology that creates an enriching research and learning experience.

“The combined room accommodates more students than the two smaller rooms, but at the same time has much wider aisles, greater freedom of movement and vastly improved visibility from one end of the room to the other,” said Greg Brewer, chairman and professor of inorganic chemistry. “This new design promotes easier collaboration among students and expands the learning opportunities in our foundational chemistry courses.”

The lab design, which includes snorkel exhaust fume hoods over every workstation, was the result of a team effort between staff members, design consultants, and construction contractors. It was a challenge to make two existing spaces into an efficient and contemporary lab, said Debra Nauta-Rodriguez, university architect and associate vice president for Facilities Planning and Management.

“It represents one of the most complicated renovations that we have envisioned,” she said. “It required significant modifications to the existing infrastructure in the building, including architectural, mechanical, and electrical upgrades to service a modern chemistry lab.”  

“This is the result of the work and strong cooperation of all parties; a modern laboratory that will serve our students well into the future,” said Brewer.

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