June 01, 2020

Student learning at their computer

Even with all teaching taking place virtually, summer enrollments are up at the University this year (compared to last year). 

  • Total University headcount is up nearly six percent, with the Columbus School of Law leading the way at about 44%.
  • The total University credit hours are up about three percent, with the Columbus School of Law leading the way at about 32%.

“The increased enrollment and credit hours are a testament to the hard work and creativity of the faculty in providing a quality experience for our own students and for the many non-degree students from other institutions taking our courses,” says Steven Brown, senior vice provost for academic administration and dean of Graduate Studies.

Over the last six weeks, staff members in the provost’s office have been actively campaigning and recruiting students for our summer offerings and will continue this effort throughout the month of June.

"Even with the global pandemic and our need to be socially distant, the enrollment of so many students in our summer programs proves there remains a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn,” says University Provost Aaron Dominguez. “I am also pleased to see how many faculty members have developed courses that students are excited to take over the summer, and I thank them for sharing their talents with our students."

Students who wish to enroll for a summer course should visit summer.catholic.edu.