April 05, 2021
Graphic depicting the Cardinal logo and the words CARDS United

On Friday, Catholic University Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics Sean Sullivan announced the formation of an Athletics Diversity Initiative called "CARDS United."

"Following the racial and social strife this past spring, many within our department, both staff members and student-athletes alike, began to search for direction, guidance and a means to take thoughtful and meaningful action," said Sullivan. "This committee has worked to establish a direction for our department to potentially pursue when it comes to work related to social and racial harmony."

For Catholic University, the basis of any significant change is rooted in Catholic social teaching. This foundation enables the University to address pressing issues of race on campus, within University programs, and throughout the local community. Last spring, Athletics conferred with Campus Ministry about ways in which important conversations regarding race could be had with Catholic social teaching as a guiding framework. That led, initially, to the Sisters of Mercy project that many within the department completed throughout the summer and fall of 2020.

The establishment of CARDS United is the next evolution of this work. It will provide a course of action to communicate and contribute a multitude of unique perspectives on issues faced by many.

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