October 03, 2016

Have you ever wondered how it would be to meet one of your favorite artists? For Catholic University students Amanda Cristi, Bryna Masarik, Claire Conway, Rania Abousleiman, and Lauren Hand that dream came true when they met Royal Teeth and MisterWives at the concert they organized: Capital Fest.

Capital Fest 1

Claire, Amanda, Rania, Lauren and Bryna decided to join Program Board and dedicate their free time to bringing fun to campus with events like Capital Fest. The students spent more than eight months planning the concert with the help of their team, Program Board members, and the support of University staff. It all came together on a clear night in September when the bands took the stage in front of a crowd of more than 2,000 students.

Conway and Cristi
Conway and Cristi, organizers of Capital Fest

“Every year there is something new about it — we included food trucks,” said Amanda Cristi, Program Board president. Capital Fest is a much anticipated event on campus. “Everybody wants to find out who the band is. This year we decided to reveal the band on social media, so no one could miss it,” Cristi said.

“All the planning starts very early. By January they are already presenting a business plan to the University,” explained Emily Scanlon, program coordinator for Student Organization Management. “They are in charge of everything, I am just here to support them and to help them out.”

“Capital Fest was a really fun, vibrant show that preached positivity and good vibes, to be comfortable in your skin with what you were doing, and just to be free.” - Joseph Giannini

Claire, Amanda, Rania, Lauren and Bryna had to work with the previous organizers to create a budget and learn from their experience. That allowed them to dream big, change the location of the concert to the McMahon parking lot, understand how to build the stage, secure the area, and raise awareness and enthusiasm for one of the biggest events on campus.

Capital Fest

Claire Conway, a junior marketing major, explained the thrill of working for Capital Fest. “It takes time, but it is fun and we are very excited. We have worked hard.” Conway served as the chair for the event this year. “You want it to be perfect because it is a big event, and there is money involved, and you want to make most of the people happy,” said Conway. “When we pick the band, we want students to recognize the band, to sing along with them, but we also need to stay on budget. That is why we work with a middle agent,” she said, “Capital Fest has been a great marketing experience for me.”

Capital Fest was full of thoughtful details that made the night special for those who attended. With free ice-cream floats, a photo booth with red carpet, food trucks, and a designated area for faculty, staff, and alumni to enjoy the concert, Capital Fest was a night to remember.

“Capital Fest was awesome this year. Both Royal Teeth and MisterWives did an absolutely amazing job,” said freshman Briana Marcinauskis, a student volunteer for the event. “I loved how it was outside with all of the food trucks right there. Everyone loved trying all the different trucks and hanging around enjoying the music. All in all, it was an amazing night and I am so happy that I got to be a part of it!”

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