August 25, 2016

New students see their future at Catholic University with 2020 vision

Alejandro Ros, of Miami, Fla.
Alejandro Ros, Miami, Fla.

As the academic year begins, The Catholic University of America is welcoming 758 new students from around the globe. Each with their own dreams, interests, and goals, these students make up something larger than themselves: the Catholic University Class of 2020.

Among the many new students is Alejandro Ros, of Miami, Fla., who came to campus in mid-August to begin practicing with the University football team. Ros said he was drawn to Catholic University for its unique blend of academics and athletics. He plans to study biomedical engineering in the hope of one day becoming an orthopedic doctor.

“D.C. is a big city coming from Miami so I wanted to be somewhere where I would still have stuff to do off campus,” Ros said. “I’m looking forward to studying and going to practice every morning, and studying with the learning communities. It’s going to be interesting to get used to, but I think it will be fun.”

Bridget Edmondson
Bridget Edmondson, Davidsonville, Md.

Bridget Edmondson, of Davidsonville, Md., was also happy about Catholic University’s D.C. location.

“I came (to tour the) campus and the whole atmosphere just clicked with me,” she said. “It’s green and it’s pretty and it feels like a real college campus with the elements of having a city, which I loved.”

Edmondson, who previously had acted in plays with her high school, said she plans on studying secondary education with minors in history and theater. She was also looking forward to the University’s social life and seeing “what the city has in store” for her.

“It feels honestly incredible to be a member of the Class of 2020,” she said. “Just from being on social media with these kids who are coming into my class, they all seem like awesome people and I look forward to meeting all of them this year.”

Federico Burke, of Jersey City, N.J.
Federico Burke, Jersey City, N.J.

Federico Burke, of Jersey City, N.J., was already beginning to feel more comfortable on campus after moving into Flather Hall on the first day of Orientation. Burke plans on studying theology and hopes to become a teacher.

“I’m probably most excited about the whole campus life, the new atmosphere, the new buildings, and just everything,” he said. “Right now 2020 seems really far away, but I know it’s going to come up really fast so I want to spend my four years here doing amazing things,” he said.

Bryan and Brandon Easton, of Huntington, Md.
Bryan and Brandon Easton, Huntington, Md.

Twins Bryan and Brandon Easton, of Huntington, Md., were also happy to begin their college lives. Though both brothers are still undecided on a major, they are leaning toward studying business. They’re also looking forward to playing on the University basketball team later this year.

“I like the D.C. area. There’s a lot of good opportunities and lots of good connections around,” said Brandon. “I’m looking forward to basketball, also meeting new people and the whole college experience.”

Samantha Durnbaugh, of Laurel, Md.
Samantha Durnbaugh, Laurel, Md.

Samantha Durnbaugh, of Laurel, Md., said she chose Catholic University for its “small school vibe.” She’s inspired to study nursing after an experience last year volunteering in a local hospital.

“Being in that nursing environment, I saw the way they worked with patients and that just really attracted me so I thought this is something I could do with my life,” she said.

Sara Cho, of Fairfax, Va.
Sara Cho, Fairfax, Va.

Sara Cho, of Fairfax, Va., is also ready to work hard in her chosen field: computer science. A self-proclaimed gamer, Cho hopes to make her mark in the software engineering world. She’s also looking forward to making a home on campus.

“I come from a military family so I’m kind of a nomadic person,” she said. “I was impressed by the welcoming community here, it’s just a very different environment compared to most urban schools or most colleges in general.”

Cho said she was happy to be part of the Class of 2020 and has liked everyone she’s met so far. Because the new freshmen are some of “the last people born in the late 1990s,” she thinks the Class of 2020 could have a new perspective and way of looking at life.

“I feel really blessed, it’s just a really nice group of people,” she said. “It just relieves me of any worries of fitting in and adjusting to college life.”