On-Campus Tests and Results

The chart below shows the number of COVID-19 tests administered to Catholic University students by Student Health Services, as well as the number of positive results and the number of test results still pending. The chart is updated twice a week — on Tuesday and Friday.

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Total Positive Cases since Aug. 24, 2020
Students living on campus: 56
Students living off campus: 84

Total Tests since Aug. 24, 2020

Estimated Recovered

Estimated Active
Active on campus: 0
Active off campus: 4

NOTE: The number of tests conducted includes surveillance testing of student athletes. We continue to test symptomatic or recently-exposed students (and their close contacts) at our student testing center. Surveillance testing is the intentional testing of non-symptomatic students.


Self-Reported Results of Off-Campus Testing

The chart below shows the number of Catholic University students who have self-reported positive COVID-19 test results from an off-campus testing center. The nature, quality, and reliability of testing conducted independent of the University can vary widely, with different chances for false positives. We are including this information in our regular reporting in the interest of full transparency, hoping it will continue to inform sound decision making on the part of all members of the community.

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Total Positive Self-Reported Cases since Aug. 24, 2020
Students living on campus: 7
Students living off campus: 87

Students who receive a positive COVID test result from an off-campus testing center should inform the Dean of Students so that we can provide support. We encourage students to also contact Student Health Services for additional medical guidance or if their condition is worsening or not improving. Faculty and staff who receive a report from a student that they have tested positive for COVID should also inform the Dean of Students.

Student Testing Overview

The University has focused testing efforts on symptomatic students and those who have come into direct contact with positive cases of COVID-19. Direct contacts are those individuals who have come into direct contact (at least 15 minutes of contact within 6 feet) of a positive or presumed positive case. University staff conduct an initial trace of possible direct contacts with the student in question. The University is required to report positive or presumed positive cases to the D.C. Department of Health (DCDOH). DCDOH will take the lead in more systematic contact tracing. 

For more information on who can get tested on campus and the testing process, visit the Student Affairs FAQ on testing.

Is Student Health Services open?

Student Health Services (SHS) is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and most Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.  For the health and safety of all patients and staff, students must call SHS at 202-319-5744 to speak with a staff member if they have a health-related concern. SHS will determine if the student needs to be scheduled for an appointment and will make the necessary arrangements. When arriving for a scheduled appointment, students will need to call the office when they arrive. 

Testing for faculty and staff

Faculty and staff who wish to get tested should visit the Human Resources website to find out how to get tested in Maryland, Virginia, or the District. Those test results are not included in the numbers reported on this page.