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  • School of Theology and Religious Studies
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  • Early Christianity /History of Christianity
  • Early Christian
  • Theology and Spirituality
  • Christianity in the East/Middle East
  • Monasticism
  • Orthodox Churches/Ecumenical Relations
  • Accomplished interpreter and historian of early Christianity

    Robin Darling Young has published and lectured widely on topics in the history of early Christianity and its thought, including the areas of scriptural interpretation, the history of asceticism and monastic thought, and the Christian cultures of ancient Syria and Armenia. Darling Young is currently preparing an annotated translation of the "Letters of Evagrius of Pontus" from the surviving Syriac translation for the Fathers of the Church series (CUA Press), and directing a translation team that will produce English translations from the Greek texts and Syriac translations of the same author�s Gnostic Trilogy (Praktikos, Gnostikos, Kephalaia Gnostika) for Oxford University Press.

    In the Media


    • Ascetic Culture: Essays in Honor of Philip Rousseau

      Ascetic Culture: Essays in Honor of Philip Rousseau

      Young honors Philip Rousseau�s pathbreaking work on early Christian asceticism in a series of essays exploring how quickly the industrious and imaginative practitioners of asceticism, from the early fourth through the mid-fifth century, adapted the Greco-Roman social, literary, and religious culture in which they had been raised. Far from rejecting the life of the urban centers of the ancient world, they refined and elaborated that life in their libraries, households, and communities.

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    • To Train His Soul in Books

      To Train His Soul in Books

      These essays seek to extend and honor the work of renowned scholar and pillar of the Department of Semitic and Egyptian Languages at The Catholic University of America, Sidney H. Griffith.

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