Left to right: Carol Spahn, Wanda Peters, Lt. Gen. Donald Lamontagne, Peter Forlenza, Brendan Duffy, Amanda Pellegrino

From left to right: Carol Spahn, Wanda Peters, Lt. Gen. Donald Lamontagne, Peter Forlenza, Brendan Duffy, Amanda Pellegrino.

On October 13, as part of the 2023 Cardinal Weekend reunion celebration, The Catholic University of America Alumni Association recognized six alumni — two Young Alumni Achievement awardees and four Distinguished Alumni Achievement awardees — who have excelled in their various fields since graduating. 

The Young Alumni Achievement awardees were Brendan Duffy, B.A. 2013, and Amanda Pellegrino, B.A. 2014; the Distinguished Alumni Achievement awardees were Peter Forlenza, B.A. 1988; Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Donald A. Lamontagne, B.S.E. 1969; Wanda Peters, B.S. 1988, B.S. 1989; and Carol Spahn, B.A. 1990. 

The event was led by Chris Pierno, B.A. 2011, M.S.M. 2017, president of the Catholic University Alumni Association, and Mary Card-Mina, B.A. 1993, J.D. 1996, the Association vice president. 

“The six alumni we salute tonight are truly representative of the diversity of our graduates,” Card-Mina said. “Working in the fields of law, creative arts, space exploration, and international development, they all strive to improve the lives of others. They showcase the best the University has to offer and continue the mission of their alma mater.” 

“By sharing their achievements, we tell the University’s story and showcase to all current and future students the value and potential of Catholic University education,” Pierno said. 

The ceremony was held in the Della Ratta Auditorium in Maloney Hall and attended by family and friends of the honorees, as well as other Catholic University alumni. Videos highlighted the accomplishments of each honoree, who then came forward individually to receive their awards. 

President Peter Kilpatrick spoke about the great accomplishments the six honorees have achieved. 

“From Brendan’s work at the Supreme Court and in our legal system, Amanda’s creativity in her novels and television writing, Pete’s expertise in finance and his generous dedication to philanthropy, Don’s service to our nation in the Air Force, Wanda’s scientific accomplishments at NASA, and Carol’s leadership at the Peace Corps, these six individuals are all examples of the caliber of graduates Catholic University has produced over the years and continues to produce today.” 

The Alumni Awards are traditionally held every two years. The awards committee reviews many nominations, looking for graduates who have distinguished themselves among their peers in a given industry and, in some cases, are unsurpassed, especially in service to the Church and nation.

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