March 18, 2019
Architectural rendering of interior of dining hall showing students eating

Students will soon see activity at the site of the new dining commons to be built at the north end of the University Lawn.

Beginning this semester, fencing will be installed on the hill behind Magner Hall in Centennial Village while initial work occurs at the site. Once students have moved out of residence halls following commencement, Magner Hall will be demolished so that the dining hall can be built between McDonald and Unanue halls.

The dining hall should open in 2022. Once staff is fully trained and prepared to move services to the new building, the Student Restaurant in the Pryzbyla Center will be closed. The Food Court, Murphy’s, Starbucks, and POD will remain in the Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center.

A space utilization study is currently underway to determine what should be done with the Student Restaurant when it closes, and to ensure that all spaces in the Przybyla Center are being optimally utilized.

The new Dining Commons will feature lounge space on the lower level — similar to the feel of the upper level of Murphy’s — for students to gather and relax. There may also be some student related services located on the lower level.

The new dining hall will be located on the upper level and will offer considerably more seating than the current student restaurant, a large variety of new station options, and a greater diversity of fresh products.   

“We are creating a dining experience for our students both in terms of the comfort in the dining environment and the quality and variety of food that is served,” says Michael Allen, vice president for student affairs. “We have worked extensively with our Student Leadership Council and other groups on campus to garner feedback about the types of options students would like to have available to them. We anticipate the Dining Commons and associated new space becoming a hub of campus activity that will mirror and complement the Pryzbyla Center and strengthen the already strong sense of community that exists on campus.”

The image posted is an architectural renderings and does not necessarily reflect the final design.